Bamboo benefits rural communities because it lends itself to agricultural approaches and can be grown on non-agricultural land. It is easily processed by simple tools because it splits linearly. Bamboo industrial development, by default, benefits the community because growing, harvesting, transportation and processing are all labour intensive.

Development projects in India typically take a route of subsidies, handholding, spoon-feeding and such other steps. The idea of doing something different and out of the ordinary, given birth to this entity “CIBART”. The difference is not limiting to skill building but to empower the rural communities, who reside in bamboo rich areas or depend on bamboo for their livelihoods, in such a manner that within a short span of time, they start thinking like businessmen and businesswomen. Further steps would be to usher in a culture of market economics and let that dictate rural development and to set up community based venture capital funds that would catalyze entrepreneurship.


Given India’s rich bamboo resources and the people’s natural affinity to this grass, there are immense opportunities. CIBART will help actualize this untapped potential by guiding and training communities to set up bamboo-based enterprises. The aim of CIBART is to achieve environmental security, livelihood security and economic development through the sustainable use of bamboo.


CIBART’s promise is to service communities at their doorsteps. CIBART brings experts, resources and tools together to the communities in their backyard. CIBART sets up an independent organization in every state to work with the communities, with backward linkages into the villages and forward linkages to the technical and other development agencies at the national and international levels. CIBART works through building networks and partnerships.

CIBART has a global outlook, yet one that addresses local needs. IT is for the communities, but market driven and businesslike. For CIBART, the community is the prime beneficiary, market the goal and the production of craft and manufactured goods using industrial approaches the means.