• Encourage, assist, guide and render specialized services to small and medium scale industries including information regarding availability of raw materials, plant and equipment, technical know-how, installation of plant and machinery regarding bamboo sector.
  • Promote, subscribe to a company, or become a member of any other company, society or institution whose objects are similar or in part similar to the objects of the Company and which may be beneficial or incidental of the aims of objectives of the Company.

Business Development Services

  • Resource and market assessment
  • Research and documentation
  • Development of Business plans and project proposals
  • Systems development
  • Institutional Strengthening

Capacity Building

  • Training and skills development in low value – high volume products viz. incense sticks, charcoal making, bamboo pencils, match sticks, crafts and utility items.
  • Training in high value items viz. bamboo furniture.
  • Training in bamboo construction.
  • Training on commercial products viz. mat board, bamboo flooring and panel materials.