Research And Studies

Baseline study and mapping of bamboo resources in Eastern UP districts

CIBART conducted the baseline study of bamboo resources exist in farming landsin three districts viz. Behraich, Faizabad&Barabanki of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and developeda database of farmers growing bamboo in eleven districts of Eastern UP.

Diagnostic Study on artisanal skills & Baseline survey on Resources availability

CIBART had awarded a project in March 2016 to conduct a baseline survey of quality of bamboo and useable varieties in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh and to study the skill level of bamboo artisans and needed investments for upgrade skill of local artisans to increase livelihood opportunities and socio economic development by District Industries Centre, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

Baseline study and mapping of Bamboo resources

CIBART is awarded a project to study the baseline and mapping of existing resources in in identified areas of western-ghatsin perspective of using the resources in commercial products by J.R.D.Tata Trust. CIBART with its implementing partner KONBAC in Western Ghats, facilitated the baseline study and mapping of Bamboo resources in identified areas of Western Ghats since October 2014.

Pyro- Gasifier (off-grid unit changes the lives of remote and poor rural households, especially the women)

OnePyro-Gasifier model PG-32 of 20 kWe (gross peak) capacity Gasifier was trailed in Abu Road, Rajasthan, to test the production of char/ charcoals and gas generated be used for power/process heat application from the waste biomass exist, with the funding support of International Organization for Bamboo and Rattan and this research project is operational since September 2014.

Study on Biomass Availability in Allahabad, UP

CIBART had strong working relationship with "Utthan" , operational in Allahabad. CIBART had conducted a study on setting up a Biomass power plant in Allahabad and bamboo availability in the surrounding area and with the farmers who grow bamboo. Recently, a rapid assessment done on establishing a Power plant by using available bamboo biomass in Utthan's operational area and subsequently a Biomass Power Plant had been set up in Allahabad.

Institutional Strengthening of CIBART

INBAR supported in developing systems and strengthening the institutional processes at CIBART during 2008-2011.

Establishment of a Documentation Centre

The purpose was to provide an effective and sustainable means of documenting INBAR’s Livelihoods and Economic Development Programme activities and impact and this project got implemented by CIBART during 2008-2011.

Technological Validation

Under a project funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and executed by INBAR, CIBART documented the current technologies - both traditional and new - that help livelihoods of millions in the Country during 2006-2007.

International Policy Workshop on Bamboo in Fisheries

CIBART established Orissa Bamboo and Cane Development Centre, a sec. 25 not-for-profit Company for bamboo development activities and skill improvement in working with bamboo. CIBART had conducted an 'International Policy Workshop on Bamboo in Fisheries' , to get as much information as possible for its existing and future uses in the fisheries sector, with funding support from INBAR, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairy, Central Institute of Fisheries Education and Society of Indian Ocean Studies in 2003.