Statement Of Purpose

CIBART will leverage on its proven core competencies in the bamboo sector, such as development of institutions, policy, resource, technologies and applications, processes, products and capacity to drive sustainable economic upliftment of primarily rural communities in the geographical areas it operates in. Accordingly, CIBART will:

  • Set up and support a network of self-sustaining majority community-owned organizations in association with key stakeholders working primarily in an action research mode to leverage bamboo resources and technologies for the betterment of the communities.

  • Partner with the local community networks – whether growers, producers or consumers – at such locations to set up economically viable microenterprises, using environment-friendly production processes that are in tune with the community, and are employment-generating and energy-saving.

  • Set up a national network of producing and marketing units, which are majority-owned by community and will generate self-sustaining revenue streams within defined timeframes capitalizing on their respective locational access advantages to raw material and/or markets.

  • Set up networks of (a) macro-nurseries for commercially important quality planting materials and (b) depots for treated raw material, especially bamboo but also other non-timber natural resources, which will partner with local user communities in profitably operating micro-nurseries and depots at close to market locations.

  • Develop efficiency multiplying, productivity enhancing and easy-to-use processing tools and machines through its own and or collaborative initiatives.

  • Develop products, production systems using quality raw material, and marketing mechanisms aimed at delivering price-competitive, high quality products in volume to markets.

  • Actively encourage and support, through long-term collaborative and meaningful partnerships with its stakeholders within and without the organization, well-structured and solid sense business models to generate opportunities for networked intrapreneur and entrepreneur growth.

  • Develop a network of self-sustaining Learning Centres aimed at disseminating CIBART’s acquired learning and expertise through model demonstration centres and enterprise development programs, and run both standard and customized education and training programs, both in the classroom & distance learning modes.

  • Identify and position itself as an authoritative Bamboo Resource Centre with highly specialized research & development competencies.

  • Design enabling policy frameworks, and accordingly advise on and consult with national and international agencies as well as state and central governments on project formulation, assessment, rating, monitoring and administration on mutually beneficial and revenue generating bases.

  • Identify and address information gaps that exist on different aspects of bamboo and related fields including market information, collect and document information that would bridge these gaps, and generate and disseminate information as a strategic support tool for development.