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Pre-fab Bamboo Structure

Construction and structural application of bamboo has been proven to be a success in International geographies. Designing bamboo building and constructing, has always been a challenge in India. CIBART is awarded for a Project on “Pre-fab Bamboo buildings” by Sir Ratan Tata Trust, in March 2015, to promote bamboo as a structural material and popularize bamboo buildings and further take this initiative to a substantial scale where it can make significant impact in the lives of rural communities.

Objective of this Project is "Introducing and Popularizing Pre-fabricated Bamboo Buildings in India"and CIBART is working with Native Konbac Bamboo Products Pvt. Ltd. In construction activities and INSPIRATION, a leading architect firm on the design of the structure and technical guidance.


  • Prefabricated bamboo structure developed in Cochin, Kerala.
  • Prefab Bamboo columns, beams and wall panels and other structural components developed.
  • Bamboo structure with Prefab material constructed in Hyderabad.

Progress recorded in this project changed the image of bamboo with builders as well as from market perspective for commercialization of the bamboo sector in general.